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(310) 736-1803

The majority of our tables are located under a permanently covered patio. 

While you wait for your delicious dim sum, sip on a hand-crafted boba tea, listen to Rockin cantopop and meet our cute robot server cat!

If your preferred time is not available, please join our online waitlist via Yelp or our website on the day of your visit.   


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All our Dim Sum is made to order so please allow extra time when ordering.

Dim Sum For Dinner!

What to expect at our Soft Opening/ Soft Launch: 

This new quirky Dim Sum place is opened by a new restauranteur.  Due to the staffing difficulties, supply chain issues, and additional kitchen and menu development, we are only open as a soft launch/Soft open for the brave diners interested in trying out a new place that is still in training.  We are improving every day, but every other day throws us new interesting challenges to learn from.  Even though it's a soft open, we care about our customers and we will do everything within our power to thank and give our customers the perfect dining Dim Sum & Cocktail experience we are striving for.   

Due to extended Covid issues, we anticipate the soft mode to continue until later in 2022.  Please subscribe to our site or follow us on Instagram to get updates on our grand opening, special events, and new menu development.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Where is parking? 

A: Guests typically park on Venice Blvd directly in front of the restaurant or at meters across and on the nearby streets to the restaurant.  If parking becomes an issue in the future, we will consider setting up a valet parking system at the front of the restaurant.  However, as of now, the parking appears to be quite easy and plentiful on Venice Blvd.  

2. Will there be a full menu?  

A: Yes, we offer a full menu, however, the menu is not updated daily. Our servers will inform the customers which items are out of stock.

3. Will most tables be located inside or outside? 

A: Most tables are located on the patio outdoors.  The patio is fully fenced by horizontal wood that serves to block the windiness on Venice Blvd.  We have a bar and three tables inside that can seat up to 16-20 people.   In the evening, there are heat lamps.  

4. I would like to bring my own wine.  Will there be a corkage fee? 

A: Corkage fee is $20 per bottle.

5. Are the Vegan items made and cooked separately from meat items? 

A: Yes, all Vegan items are steamed in different steamer stacks.  We also have two fryers for the sole purpose of separating the vegan and the meat items.  We have utensils specifically marked for vegan items to avoid cross-contamination. 

6. Can I bring my service dog with me? 

A: Yes, as long as your table is located on the patio and your service dog is on a short leash that prevents any direct contact between your dog and other customers.  You are responsible for ensuring that your dog is not blocking isles or walkways (or blocking any emergency access).  We also provide a water tray and some doggie treats for your dog.   If your dog barks excessively, you will be required to remove your dog from the premises.  If any customer takes issue with the presence of your dog for any reason, you will be required to present a license certifying that your dog is a service dog. 

7. Are your dumplings and dim sum all handmade locally?  

A: Yes.  Owner has very high standards for dim sum and will only allow the best (to her) on the menu.  Our chefs are masters at this craft, making every dumpling by hand.  

8. How long do you anticipate your soft opening or soft launch? 

A: Due to continued covid-related issues with hiring and supply chain, we anticipate extending the soft launch to months or for as long as it will require to train and fully staff a team that can cover regular business hours. Additionally, we are in the process of developing and finalizing the menu and workflow of the restaurant.  Thus, all moving pieces must be completed before a full opening to the public. 

9. How does your restaurant take orders?  

A: We use TOAST's "scan & Order" system that basically works like you're ordering from Doordash, Postmates, or Grubhub. Except, instead of your food being brought to your house, it's being brought to your table.   Dim Sum is a Chinese tapa that is usually ordered either by waiving down steam carts or from checking off items from a checklist.  A "scan & order" system allows customers to just order from their phone by clicking photos.  It also allows the kitchen to immediately update if items should run out.  

We enjoyed using this system when she was at another restaurant because of how clear the order is and thought this was a good system for order Dim Sum, which will consist of a lot of little items.   This system is easy to use but has the drawback of requesting upfront payment and tip for each order.  Most diners find this a non-issue.  However, some diners have voiced dislike with the system and found it difficult to use.  We are currently working with TOAST to remove the upfront tipping and the need to always re-input the credit card for every re-order so that the ordering system will improve before official opening. 

For those dining without smartphones, we are currently working on creating a checklist version so that the few that do not have smartphones can order with a checklist system.  


10. I ordered some items that turned out to be out of stock.  You voided those orders.  However, I see that my entire amount of the non-cancelled items are still charged, what do I do?  

A: We use TOAST's Point of Sale system (POS) to charge or collect money for orders.  If there are any refunds or voids on your receipt, it will take at least 3 days (sometimes even 9 days) for the adjustment or credit to actually show on your card.   If the credit does not appear after 9-10 days, please email with your name, date of dining, and the last 4 digits of the credit card you used so that we can review the issue and issue you a refund.  

11. When the Soft Opening slots first opened up, I paid a $25 reservation deposit that should have been applied to my bill when I dined.  Yet, I do not see it applied on my charge.  

A: The website uses Wix/ Square to collect the $25 reservation deposit.  However, when you dine at the restaurant, we use TOAST's Point of Sale system (POS) to charge or collect money for orders.  If there are any refunds on your receipt, it will take at least 3 days (sometimes even 9 days) for the adjustment or credit to actually show on your card.   If the credit does not appear after 9-10 days, please email with your name, date of dining, and the last 4 digits of the credit card you used so that we can review the issue and issue you a refund.  

12. Why does the Black Lava Salted Sweet Egg Yolk Bun Ooze like that?  

A: Because the oozing salted egg yolk is awesome yumminess in your mouth. 

It's a premium item made only by top dim sum chefs.  There is a special way of preparing the filling in order to create that ooze.  We always recommend that diners allow the food to cool down and to pull the bun apart before placing the entire bun in their mouths in order to avoid any burning.  

13. I have a Gluten sensitivity, how do I know which items are gluten free? 

A: Currently, we have gluten-free soy sauce that is available upon request.  However, we have not had the opportunity to conduct a full research as to which ingredients contain gluten in order to label our items gluten free or not.  

14. I have a party of 6 or more.  How can I reserve? 

A:  If you have a party of 6 or more, you can make the reservations on Yelp or OpenTable. You can also call the restaurant to reserve a table for larger parties.

14. Is there a full menu during Soft Open?  

No.  Due to limited staffing and ongoing training, our soft open menu will be very limited.  However, with dim sum menus, it's not uncommon for certain items to run out since all items require substantial time to prepare and our kitchen can only estimate the expected orders per day to avoid wastage.  Thus, even during regular hours, it's possible that one customers order an unusual amount of one particular item to cause the food to run out for that day.  

You can see the current menu here.

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